131 Classical Figure Drawing Weekend Intensive

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100 Drawing
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In this workshop, students will learn how to bring a figure drawing from a live nude model to a high level of finish from one long, sustained pose. Emphasis will be placed on anatomy, proportion, gesture, and light & shadow. Demonstration will be given on how to mimic the look of Italian master drawings, by drawing with sanguine on toned paper and using white chalk for highlights. Reference will also be made to the French school for procedure, methods and for their use of light on form. Beginner to advanced students welcome. Supply list; 18x24" high quality drawing paper (toned paper optional), drawing media of choice, either, graphite pencil (HB), charcoal pencil (Hard to Medium only) or Sanguine pencil. Generals white pencil or white pastel pencil. Kneaded rubber eraser (2 or 3). X-acto knife or similar (box cutter etc.) Extra fine grit sandpaper. Knitting needle optional for sighting angles.

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