936 Intro to Encaustic

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Encaustic is an ancient hot wax painting technique that offers a wealth of versatile creative possibilities. This fun, three hour introductory workshop is for those with no prior encaustic experience and you don't need any advanced drawing or painting skills. We will cover the basics including encaustic materials, painting techniques, studio setup and safety. A highlight of this session will be creating a unique painting using the photocopy transfer process. Please bring either black and white or color images that have been photocopied on a toner based copier. If you wish to incorporate text into your creation you will need to photocopy the text in reverse. Students will also need to bring an encaustic specific board no larger than 8” x 10”. Unsure if your photocopies or boards are compatible with encaustic? Do you have other questions about the workshop? Feel free to email the instructor, Linda Mayer, ahead of time with all your questions at artzncrafts@yahoo.com and she will be happy to assist you. A $5 materials fee will be collected by the instructor on the day of the workshop. Workshop Fee: $70

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