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2 Day Workshop Day 1: Saturday, April 1, 1:00pm-6:00pm. // Day 2: Sunday, April 2, 9:00am-4:00pm. Even experienced portrait artists sometimes avoid painting the hands because…well, they're hard to paint! One missed stroke and it’s a boneless flipper…or the fingers don't add up…or they shrink…or they become monstrously large,and if you do manage to render them beautifully they might end up in the wrong place and then you have arm and shoulder attachment issues! In this two-day oil portrait workshop, taught by two-time VAC Juried Exhibition Best-in-Show winner and innovator of the Chicks with Balls project, Judy Takács, there will be no “hand avoidance”. Workshop attendees will be challenged to paint a portrait from life where hands and face work together to describe the character of the model. Composition, solidity of drawing, value, modeling of form and color theory will all be covered, along with generous doses of “how to” and “why to”. Well known for her expressive paintings of hands, Judy will over the course of this intensive two days, share her approach to painting hands as an integral element in the expressive portrait. She will begin each day with a demo, and then attendees will paint from life in the afternoon. This is a great course for both emerging and established artists, as well as a unique opportunity for high school or college students with good drawing skills to train with a master of capturing character, likeness and of course…expressive hands. Feel free to bring a snack or bag lunch so we can chat, critique and stay in the zone when we break. For more information about the artist please visit her websites: judytakacspaintspeople.com and chickswithballsjudytakacs.blogspot.com

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