620 Painterly Techniques in Enamel of Metal

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600 Jewelry-Making/Metals
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Among many techniques for application and kiln fusion of vitreous glass enamel to metal in this art medium are some that make use of drawing and painting abilities. This workshop will survey the centuries old grisaille technique and miniature portraiture as well as the formulations recently developed by the vitreous glass enamel manufacturers which are similar to watercolors, acrylics, and even crayons. We will work in small scale. Bring a thumbnail sketch of an image you wish to capture in this permanent medium. A $15 approximate supply fee will be payable to the instructor on the day of workshop. Feel free to bring a lunch or snack. For more information, call the instructor at 440-449-5133 or email her at t-srichert@stratos.net with VAC in the subject line.

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