922 Architecture Dream

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Students will spend much of the first day discussing different elements involved in multiple styles of architecture and brainstorming ideas for their class project. Students are encouraged to design any type of building in any style they choose. Past projects have been bakeries, office buildings, houses, mansions, tree houses, castles, etc. Students will draft their desired floor plans on grid paper which will be discussed with the instructor. Once drawings are finalized, students will then create mathematical equations to scale their drawing to desired final size. Instructor will work one on one with each student to ensure proper scaling. Once the students are ready to begin building their designs, the instructor will provide an in depth demonstration of how to use and handle both utility knives and hot glue guns. Students will then practice using both with intense supervision- students will not be permitted to work independently on their projects until the teacher has witnessed proper use and handling of materials. Students will also not be permitted to use either utility knife or hot glue gun if for any reason the instructor is required to leave the classroom. Depending on students work ethic and time allotted, students may have a chance to paint their structures.

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