Personalized Memory Boxes

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900 Miscellaneous
Mixed Media
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What comes to mind when you think of the word "Personalized"?  What comes to my mind is INDIVIDUAL….someone who is a free thinker and is not afraid to express  their unique qualities to the world around them.  Prior to the first class, students will have been encouraged to assemble a collection of keepsakes or personal items from home that reflect their personality.  Additional materials for collaging will be provided so there is enough of an interesting selection to choose from.  Such materials might include, fabric, beads, paper, leather, shells, sequins, tassels, paint, glass, foils, ribbons, wire, glue etc.  Piecing together your special mementoes and adhering them to the surface of wood or cardboard boxes will be the perfect embellishment to the perfect memory box.  

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